Why You Should Consider Overdentures in Munster, IN

Overdentures are a great way to give you back a more stabilized denture. An overdenture is a full arch denture that is snapped in using the aide of dental implants. This allows for a more stable foundation for chewing and speaking and eliminates the need for the overuse of denture adhesives. Compared to traditional dentures, which can be cumbersome, unreliable, and cause further deterioration of the jawbone, an overdenture helps keep your jawbone stronger with the use of dental implants. Dr. Miller offers several ways to help stabilize your dentures through the use of dental implants.

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Are Overdentures Better than Traditional Dentures?

Although traditional dentures are a great treatment option to restore your mouth an overdenture is the next step above traditional dentures that aide in keeping your dentures more secure. Here are a few reasons overdentures may be a better treatment option:

  • Overdentures preserve your underlying jawbone density, and help you maintain a youthful appearance
  • With overdentures, you can feel more confident and comfortable when speaking and chewing because they are snapped into place
  • Eliminates the overuse and cost of denture adhesives
  • Removable and easy to keep clean
  • Gives you more stability then that of a traditional denture with no dental implants

Types of Removable Overdentures

Removable Overdentures

For our patients that require the replacement of all upper or lower teeth, an overdenture is an exceptional treatment option that will improve the stability and appearance of your dentures. An overdenture is a removable prosthesis containing replacement teeth that is an exact fit over your existing gums that “snaps” into place using 2-4 implants, depending on the arch and bone quality. The use of dental implants allows Dr. Miller to fabricate a denture that has a solid foundation allowing our patients to have more stability and function while improving speech and their appearance. She is able to stabilize your dentures by giving you the retention a conventional denture cannot due to the placement of dental implants which also helps to preserve the underlying bone which can shrink over time without the placement of dental implants.

Removable Partial Overdentures

For our patients that require the replacement of several missing teeth, a partial overdenture is a great treatment option. Unlike your traditional partial denture, the partial overdenture eliminates the need for bulky, visible metal clasps that grip around your existing teeth causing unnecessary movements and possible damage. Dental implants are placed and your partial denture “snaps” into the implants giving you a solid foundation with great stability and also preserving the underlying bone. Now you can smile again without seeing the metal clasps all while keeping your natural teeth free from unnecessary damage.

Steps for Overdenture Placement

Here’s what to expect when you choose an overdenture as your treatment option.

  • A comprehensive oral exam is done with Dr. Miller to evaluate your gum tissue, bone levels, and current prostheses.
  • Case presentation to discuss treatment options, desires, costs, and concerns.
  • Consultation with an oral surgeon or periodontist to discuss the placement of your dental implants. They will determine the number of implants that can be placed dependent on your bone quality.
  • Dr. Miller will fabricate a temporary denture to be worm during your healing time if you do not have a current prosthesis.
  • The surgeon will prepare and place the dental implants. They will also place a healing cap to cover the opening of the dental implants.
  • The healing process after having your implant placement surgery could take anywhere from 12-16 weeks. Each patients healing time is different and is at the discretion of the surgeon.
  • Once healed your surgeon will uncover the healing cap and place you back into the care of Dr. Miller.
  • Dr. Miller will remove the healing cap and replace that with the locator abutment which is used to “snap” the prosthesis in place. Next she will make a detailed impression and send that off to our expert laboratories where your prosthesis will be fabricated.
  • After completion Dr. Miller will make any necessary adjustments to your new prosthesis. Once the fit is ideal we will provide you with home care instructions for your new prosthesis.

If you have any questions about overdentures as a treatment option, or would like to follow up with us about post-care, call (219) 836-4214